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Allo~ I'm Lara. 20 years old from the Philippines (where it's more fun)! I love Korean dramas, Lee Min Ho, Jung Il Woo, Jang Keun Suk, Lee Seung Gi, Kim Bum, Gossip Girl (!!!), Chace Crawford, Blake Lively, Miranda Kerr, Vampire Diaries, Paris and green mangoes so much.



31 May 12

Night out.

May 30, 2012

We finished the Education Book today! YAY! :-D *Now I’m wishing they’ll have time to show me around, like because I’m leaving Monday? Hello?*

Nobie gave me my final checks today. And then she told me she should find me a job so I can stay here. She also asked if I’ve been anywhere and I said shopped at Wolfchase and she told Lara we should go somewhere tomorrow or Friday and take the day off to show me around. She’s really sweet, like maybe the sweetest in the office. I remember when I got there, she gave me menus of different restaurants around downtown so I can choose where to eat.

Randy asked me to make copies of the receipts and tally them. So now I’m at the accounting department. Hoho. I kinda got scolded again with the receipts I copied but turns out it was really not my fault anyway. And I’m pretty sure I redeemed myself because I inputted those receipts in my computer and saved it.

Lara’s sister, Rebecca which she calls Biebs, went to the office today. Lara and I talked about her before and I really wanted to meet her before because she was 18 and I sorta wanna be friends with her. But seeing her.. I think it isn’t possible. She’s like her sister, friendly but unfriendly. Our only interaction was when Lara introduced me as the intern from the Philippines and hi and hellos and nice to meet you. She was pretty though, like her sister. But they don’t look alike. 

Anyway, they have plans with Alicia to go shopping at a clothing store one block away from the office. I heard them talking about it days before but Lara didn’t ask me to join them until like 2 minutes before they left at lunch break. And she was like.. “Okay so we’re taking our lunch break.. Oh do you wanna come? I figured we haven’t invited you..” And I was like, “Where are you going?” because I didn’t really know at that time. And she said, “Shopping at a clothing store one block from here.. It’s okay if you don’t want to..” See? Now this feels like something she’s saying to be nice, she doesn’t really mean it. She’s like that sometimes. And sometimes I’m thinking what if the I was with the girl before her, would it be different? Because based from what I read from the past interns, their relationship with the old assistant was close. They went out at night together and things like that.

I helped Virginia in rolling signed and unsigned posters which are to be sent to the diplomats. It was fun because we get to talk again and she told me about her trip to Italy and Ireland. I wanna go to Ireland too and I got excited when I learned she’s been there. We also talked about me leaving and her leaving MIM too. She said she’ll work here until Friday only. I was so sad for her. :|

Kevin interrupted us and asked me until when are they kidnapping me and I said I’m leaving Monday morning. And he asked if I’ve been anywhere. Yep, I’m having this conversation a lot lately. He joked, “that Blevins, he’s working you too hard! I’m gonna have a talk with him.” Haha. 

Today is Chris’ last day. She’s a seasonal staff only and she got lots of shirts and caps in the merchandise room. I hope I’ll get to have shirts too before I come home. :-D

Before heading out, I cashed my checks. :| My last money. :( And because I got money, I bought chips, soda and candies! :P

While chillin’ at my house, Janet messaged me if I wanna join her and her friend. She’s in Memphis just tonight and will head back to Nashville tomorrow morning. I was reluctant because I don’t want to spend so much and we’re eating at an expensive place. Anyway, I didn’t saw her message that they’re outside my house and just saw it 30 minutes after so I said I’ll pass and come out later after they’re done eating.

I went out at 9-ish and met them at Bardog, a bar here in downtown. I just walked going there. The streets were clear when I walked there so thank God. Beggars can really be scary y’know. And ecause it’s weekdays, no one really checks if you’re legal or not so I’m good. :)

I met Jessica, Janet’s friend at med school. She’s 32 years old already and she’s really cool. She has lived in New York for 14 years but she’s from Memphis. She’s also been to different cities. She said Tahoe, California is the best place to go to and that NY and LA are not America, they’re a place on their own and that Memphis is very America. She has a lot of insights and she’s really frank. :))

Jessica told me I don’t have an accent and some of my words have British accent (wow!). She also told me I look like a big city girl. Janet agreed and said she can totally see me living in big cities. Again, Janet thought I was really brave because I’m 19, I traveled here and lived here alone to which Jessica agreed on.

We just hang and talk there and Janet and I drank water while Jessica drank beer. The waitress was really entertaining though, she flirts with everyone in the place. Like, even girls! :))

At 11-ish, we walked to Beale Street because I said I haven’t been there at night. I’ve been there in the afternoon but I wanna see it at night because there’s bars there and I’m curious how it looks like. This is another thing crossed out from my Memphis bucket list! Yay~

With Jessica:)

The original plan was to go to Jessica’s apartment because she has this great roof deck but I said I wanna go home at night and it was already 12am so she said to just hang out anywhere. We went to a place called The Flying Saucer and she drank again and Janet and I just had desserts. We talked and they mostly talked about school, their weird Professors and classmates. Jessica was really funny because she said medical guys are weird and she wouldn’t date them.

We walked down towards my apartment because they are parked across from me. Janet was insisting I get a ride from Jessica because she drives a Mercedes Benz SUV and she feels really powerful whenever she rides with her but that I’m just right across from her so no point. We went to my apartment first and I offered my polvoron to them. Jessica liked it! And now I don’t have polvoron anymore, I had enough visitors to fees on them. :))

I slept at like 1:30 when they head out. It was fun though, I’m glad I did went out and hang out with them.

14 May 12

Touristy Sunday: Trolley Tour Around Downtown Memphis

May 13, 2012 (Day 22)

As I’ve planned, I’m gonna tour downtown with the downtown trolleys. It was very gloomy and it was raining when I woke up that’s why I hesitated to go outside. But after I take a bath and get dressed, I decided to go because I may not have time to do this again. I’ve got the whole weekend off for the first time and next weekend will be the Barbecue contest and the week after is the Sunset Symphony.

I went out at 11:30am and went to Walgreens first to buy the Cover Girl thing for Tita Let after I consulted my sister. At the store, while I was looking through the make up aisle, there was this guy who spoke to me and said.. “You’ll look good in any of those.” I said “Oh.. thank you” and then he asked for my name, how’s it spelled and asked for my number. I was totally friendly with him and I just told him I don’t have an American number, I’m from the Philippines and that I’m going home on June. Then he starts telling me his number and he said.. can you remember that? And I said No! Of course not.. if I wouldn’t write it down. :-P And then I walk away.. :))

Then I rode the trolley, the riverside route and just see the city. I purchased the all-day pass for $3.50 which is cheaper because I’m planning to go off the train to see different sites and one ride on the trolley is a dollar.

I got off at Beale Street, the famous street where the Blues Music originated. It’s like their red light district here.

Cute little restaurant across the FedEx Forum has the Philippines’ flag and the Memphis in May’s Philippine art. :-) COOOOl!

The FedEx Forum, where the NBA games are held. There’s actually a game going on there. I wish I could watch next time.

Have I mentioned that there are a lot of tourist carriages around downtown? And this is the cutest! Very Cinderella-ish. :-P

I bought some stuffs here including your Memphis ref magnet, Charles! :-)

And I’m off to ride the trolley again to my next destination. I rode the trolley that goes to Madison Avenue next. :) I met Carol and her husband while waiting. They’re in the city to attend a wedding and they’re going home to Minnesota later this evening. They’re grandparents already to 4 little girls. :)

On my Madison Avenue trip, we passed by the Autozone Park, where the baseball games are held. There’s a game going on there too at the moment! :-)

The trolleys are old but still well-maintained. :)

The pyramid! Before, it was the place where the NBA games are held but when the FedEx Forum was built, they started doing it there because it’s bigger and better. Today, this place is a sporting house. This structure is really tall.

The Arcade Restaurant. I was planning on eating here today but they are closed! I got here at 3:05pm and they closed at 3pm because it was Mother’s day. :(

I checked out American Apparel which is just right across the street from the Arcade Restaurant. And because the clothes are expensive, I just looked. :))

I had lunch at Subway along the Main Street. I got a bacon sub. :)


While waiting for the trolley… :-D

I stopped at the Mud Island Park next. This is their cool monorail to get to Mud Island. :)

Travelling alone is nice.. but to actually have a picture of myself is hard! =)) Imagine how I did all these photos with myself not holding the camera. :))

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh. Modified by LARA <3