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Allo~ I'm Lara. 20 years old from the Philippines (where it's more fun)! I love Korean dramas, Lee Min Ho, Jung Il Woo, Jang Keun Suk, Lee Seung Gi, Kim Bum, Gossip Girl (!!!), Chace Crawford, Blake Lively, Miranda Kerr, Vampire Diaries, Paris and green mangoes so much.



9 June 12

Free night stay at The Peabody Hotel

June 1-2, 2012

I had a free night stay at The Peabody Hotel thanks to the VP and General Manager, Mr. Browne. :) I was lucky to have met him and to have been offered a free night stay at the hotel. Ha! (The power of small talks!)

A night stay there costs like $260 and up so maybe doing a post about it can be like thanking him. :D

I checked in at the hotel after work at around 6pm. I was a little scared because I’m not really sure if I have to pay anything. They asked for a credit card but they said my room and taxes were taken care of already but the card was for incidental charges only.

They gave me a room at the 8th floor. The hotel is know for its ducks that marches every 11am (going down from the rooftop) and 5pm (going up the rooftop) and so even their soap is carved into ducks, the pillows have duck design etc. It was cute. :))

I checked out their free amenities first - pool, jacuzzi and gym. Then I went up their rooftop and watch the sunset. The hotel is in Downtown Memphis so you can see the Memphis bridge, the river and practically downtown. It was a cool sight to see. A guy working at the hotel accompanied me everywhere because I asked him where the pool was and he just accompanied me everywhere. He even ushered me to the rooftop reception hall which was empty. It was cool. He’s from Lebanon and he said my name is really common there. :)

Because I made plans with Ate Kat, Shane and Peter, I wouldn’t have time to use the amenities and rooftop because they’re only open until 10pm. :|

Ate Kat, Peter and Shane picked me up at the hotel and we went to the Autozone Office Building which was very near my home. Shane works there so he can grant us access and give us a tour.

US is so high-tech and so Ate Kat and Peter only had to scan their driver’s license and the information popped in the screen and thus their temporary IDs printed fast. And because I don’t have a US ID, I suck. HAHA. I tried to scan my school ID to no avail and the guy there asked me if I have my passport with me so Ate Kat went with me to my apartment and we got my passport. :P So now I’m a faceless creature haha.

Shane toured us at the office. It was really nice and the building was tall. He just almost started working there, well he was there for a year already, I guess, but his position is good already. He only just graduated when he came to work there. They said it is a big car parts company in the US and I can tell because the Sunset Symphony was named after the company - Autozone Sunset Symphony.

Anyway, after the office tour, we went at the rooftop of the building to watch the sunset. The view is great here if you want to see the river, the pyramid and bridge. It was nippy when we were there, it was lovely. :)

Ate Kat then said they need to take me to Urban Outfitters because that’s my store. She said the clothes there are totally my style. We only had a few minutes to check the clothes out because they’re closing at nine and the sales girl there was saying, “we’re closing at 9” every single second. Ugh.

After that, we drove around the University of Memphis, their school. It really feels and looks like Ateneo to me. Though I’ve been there only once or twice, it sure does looks like it. 

We had Mexican food after and I got the authentic tacos. It was yummy. I didn’t even know we put beans and cream in tacos. -_-

Ate Kat and I just talked about random stuff. How Filipinos are with the idea of a teenage girl getting a boyfriend and how it was when Shane and she got together. She was 19 and he was her first boyfriend and Shane needed to adjust to Filipino customs. It was fun. I sincerely had fun. :)

It was late when they dropped me off at the hotel and they went home. Because there was nothing to do at the hotel anymore, I just watched TV and then slept and just woke up early to use the facilities. It was weird walking around in robe! HAHA. =))))

I was the only person swimming although there were a few people using the gym. I also used the Jacuzzi which was so relaxing.

I checked out the rooftop one last time before I checked out and grabbed coffee. The coffee was free before 9am and I was late by 10 minutes! -_- I think I enjoyed the Jacuzzi so much. Anyway, I had to pay for my coffee and it sucks because anything at a hotel is expensive. -_-

I had a good time though. When I checked out, I asked if Mr. Browne was there and they called his office but he still wasn’t there. It was the same when I checked in. I wish I could say thank you personally but I emailed him instead when I came back to the Philippines and he is really nice. He sounds so nice in his emails unlike someone I know. lol

An old lady offered to take my picture by the fountain where the ducks lurks. :)

When you go to Memphis, go check in at The Peabody Hotel okay?? :)

PS: It’s where Justin Timberlake stay everytime he goes to Memphis. He’s from Memphis btw.

PPS: It’s also where the Presidents stay when they’re there. :)

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh. Modified by LARA <3