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Allo~ I'm Lara. 20 years old from the Philippines (where it's more fun)! I love Korean dramas, Lee Min Ho, Jung Il Woo, Jang Keun Suk, Lee Seung Gi, Kim Bum, Gossip Girl (!!!), Chace Crawford, Blake Lively, Miranda Kerr, Vampire Diaries, Paris and green mangoes so much.



29 June 13

I wish to wake up one day with a body like this lol

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13 June 13
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Have I ever mentioned I love my hair? Well if I haven’t then I’m telling you now, I love my long hair! Somtimes I think it’s the only good thing about myself lol

When I was kid, I have no control over my hair. My mom liked to chop it off the moment it gets past my shoulder. What a pity, right? That’s why growing up, I dreamed and even prayed to God every night for me to have a nice long hair that I can toss over my shoulders. I think I watch one too many commercials growing up ha ha. 

Anyway, that’s probably the reason why when I started having a say on my hair style, I avoided cutting my hair and let it grow way past my shoulders. Although I cut my hair in between having long hair, I think I simply would love having it long. It really breaks my heart a little to cut it every freakin’ time.

I chopped my hair again the other day (June 11) after 1 year and 2 months.  Not the longest duration but my hair is definitely the longest length-wise. It goes just above my buttocks.

I decided to cut it because the roots are getting thinner and its unhealthy (You probably don’t wanna hear this lol). Plus, I’m working soon and styling my hair is a must and it will take too much of my time, unlike when I’m still at Uni and twisting my hair in a bun was an everyday ‘do.

I got me a little souvenir! HAHA


Now my hair is way to short for my liking. I can’t even put it in a bun anymore, but they (i mean my mom and sister) told me it fits me and I looked a wee younger so I’m loving it. And also, some mother at clinic yesterday where I got medical exam told me I looked like a high school student and not a soon-to-be-working adult! Gee, thanks! *biggest grin*

And I may or may not freak out the morning after I cut my hair that my hair is now short. HA HA

Do you think its funny that after so many months of not posting anything personal, I suddenly posted something about my hair? LOL. 

23 April 13
I need this right now.

I need this right now.

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12 March 13

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10 February 13

Birthday video my friends prepared! So touching.  <3

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh. Modified by LARA <3